Feng shui is one of those words that get thrown around a lot these days. Some see it as just a fad, while others perceive it as a lifestyle… A way to organize your life and the places where you live and work. Did you know that you can get your psychotherapy office feng shui working as well? Here are a few good ways to make use out of feng shui for your office.


Declutter, organize

One of the feng shui basics is that the easiest way to make a space pleasant to be in is to remove all the mess and clutter. Not only does clutter hold you down and make you work slower, it affects you on a deeper level as well. Clutter will have negative effects on your mental being as well. Essentially, clutter-free environments bring mental focus, inspiration and clarity of thinking. This is especially important in psychotherapy – both for you and your clients.


Put your desk in a power position

In feng shui, a power position means that you should be seated in a way that allows you to see the entrance. Additionally, you should be able to see as much of the office as possible. Finally, you should also be as far away from the door as possible. This will establish a relationship of trust from the start with your client.


Utilize artwork

We’ve stressed this before, and we can’t help but bring it up again. For psychotherapy office feng shui, artwork is critical. Great choice of artwork can make your office go from depressing to uplifting in just a matter of hours. The artwork on your walls will inspire and motivate both you and your clients to think more freely. You will be able to work better and your clients can fully relax.


Balance the space

One of the key aspects of feng shui is balance and harmony. The first way to achieve this is through the principle of yin and yang – feminine and masculine energies. Simply put, too much of either will cause the space to be out of balance. To achieve equilibrium, both elements need representation. For example, if your psychotherapy office space has high ceilings, ample lighting, bright colors – you will need to balance this out with some darker details and window coverings.


Use appropriate feng shui colors

Colors are another key aspect of a great psychotherapy office space. They can make or break your office, and they have a massive effect on your clients and your work. For psychotherapy offices, the best feng shui colors are sandstone, pale green, pale gold, pale orange and blue-green. Furthermore, white is always a great choice to boost clarity of mind and increase your focus.

Psychotherapy office feng shui is nothing more but common sense and a few good tips. Want another good tip? We have excellent psychotherapy office space for lease in New York! Our spaces are specifically catered to psychotherapy professionals, with excellent acoustics and office layouts. Check out our currently available spaces or reach out to us for more details.