The most important space for a psychotherapy practice is the therapist-client relationship. However, the office environment can contribute greatly to way you work as well. Not only can you make your clients feel more relaxed, but you will also be able to work more efficiently and focus better. You can do great therapy in poor surroundings, but more comfortable surroundings can provide you with a great start. Here are some tips that should get you on the right track when you move into new psychotherapy office space.

Psychotherapy office space essentials

The office environment should provide clients with a sense of confidentiality, safety and creativity. Make your client feel welcome by giving them appropriate tools and making sure they’re easily available, such as books, magazines, assessments and other items. Arrange your furniture thoughtfully so that it provides comfortable communication, and keep it consistent – don’t switch it around too often.

Look, sound and smell

When it comes to interior decoration, try to get an office space with a nice view of nature. In your office and waiting room, place plants wherever possible. Your lighting should be dim – not too strong but not complete darkness either. When it comes to artwork on your walls, try to keep it abstract and calming. Isolate any outside noises using a white noise machine. Make good use of aroma therapy by placing some wax candles in all the areas where your clients come in. Most importantly, choose soothing and natural colors for your office and waiting room walls. Keep your clients busy in the waiting room by giving them something to fidget with – small toys and trinkets, bouncy balls and similar. It’s a small investment and it will set you apart from the competition, all while making your clients happier.

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