As a mental health professional, have you ever tried to lease psychotherapy office space, arrange a viewing, only to see (and hear) how awfully noisy the office is? One of the prerequisites to work and function well as a psychotherapist is to have a noise-free working environment, which usually comes from quality sound insulation in your office space. Not only will you have more peace and quiet within your office, you also get the additional benefit that clients in the waiting room will be unable to hear anything behind your office door. In your struggle against sound leaking in and out, there’s one major issue that needs addressing – the ceiling.

Ceiling as #1 cause for sound leaking in psychotherapist office space

As you’re sitting in an office and hear noise coming from the neighboring office, you intuitively assume that the noise is leaking through the walls. However, in most cases, it’s the ceiling that’s the biggest problem in sound insulation. Most offices have a drop ceiling, covering up wires, pipes and ductwork. The walls which separate offices only lead up to level of the drop ceiling. Consequently, sound goes through your ceiling tile, bounces off the roof deck and goes to the ceiling tile of the office next door.

Walls are not your (biggest) enemy

In the majority of cases, quality sound insulation for your ceiling will solve most of the problems you may have with sound leaking in and out. The ceiling should be the first point to look into if you want to do sound insulation for your psychotherapy office space. Unlike walls, ceilings are easy and relatively cheap to insulate.

Bear in mind that no product or solution will offer 100% soundproofing or sound insulation – there will always be some sound leaks, but insulating your ceiling is a great place to start. Additionally, this is exactly what insulating your ceiling is – just the first step in the process of reducing noise in your office environment..

If you’re looking for psychotherapy office space in New York, with top-notch sound insulation and at an excellent location, feel free to take a look at our available spaces. In charge of Psychotherapy office space is Mark B. Christensen, who uses his 30-year experience from the music industry to provide mental health professionals with excellent office space.