As a therapist, you run a private practice and it’s normal to try to expand. Get more clients, get more visits, get more space. However, sometimes your’re forced to downsize. Whether you have to move to a better location, shrink in size to save money or you simply want to change your environment, downsizing is never easy. However, a small psychotherapy office does not have to entail compromise. You can do lots with small space to make it look and feel bigger. Here are some great ways to improvize with smaller psychotherapy office space to make it seem large, for you and your clients.


Play with light

A neat trick to play with is the usage of lighting in your office. It’s been proven that natural light increases the overall mood of anyone working in office environment. Additionally, it will also have beneficial effects on your clients. The trick to making your office more roomy is to utlize natural lighting as much as possible. Make sure that the windows are free and not blocked from any sides. Place your desk and the area you and your clients spend the most time in right next to a window.


Cleanliness comes first

This is a no-brainer, you may say. Every office out there should be squeaky clean, even more so when there’s clients coming in on a daily basis. However, it’s slightly more complicated. Even small bits of clutter left laying around can add up to make a big mess. Not only does it make you seem unprofessional, clutter adds up and makes your office look and feel smaller. The biggest culprit when it comes to office mess is paper, so try to minimize on paperwork and make everything you can digital.


Be picky with furniture in your small psychotherapy office

In the way of comfort, there’s very few things more important than furniture in your office. To make the most out of small psychotherapy office space, choose furniture carefully. Opt for those pieces which maximize space while allowing most comfort. Going small often means that your practice is low on funds, but furniture is one aspect of your office where you should spare no expenses. With proper furniture selection, your office will look bigger, which will be noticed and appreciated by your clients.

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