As someone who works with delicate human psyche, you’re definitely aware of the effect that plants and greenery can have on human mind. So why not try using greenery for psychotherapy office space? In the end, you will be able to achieve a positive, calm and stress-free environment where both you and your clients can relax. If you want to know more about the benefits of introducing plants to your office space, keep on reading.

Use greenery for psychotherapy office space to reduce stress

You can’t accomplish a lot if your clients are nervous and worried every time they step into your office. In that respect, placing plants around your office so that both you and your clients can see them can help a lot. Essentially, plenty of greenery is known to calm people down, especially if they feel anxious. Moreover, the presence of plants is an effective stress-relief technique.  If you advise your clients to spend more time outdoors, in the nature, you can achieve a desired effect inside your office space as well.

Greenery can increase overall productivity

If you make sure to use a lot of greenery for your psychotherapy office space, you will notice an increase in your productivity. The fact that you enjoy helping people is a given. However, drops of productivity are common for every office space. In that respect, a nicely arranged set of plants and even a vertical garden wall can help you be more attentive and productive as you listen to your clients. What’s more, such environment will have similar effect on your clients as well. This approach will make them more talkative and cooperative.

Plants keep the air clean

Dry air, dust and low humidity can all cause several negative effects at your office. Persistent coughs, runny nose, allergic reactions, dry skin and poor air condition overall can reduce the effectiveness of your work. However, choosing low-allergy greenery for psychotherapy office space will provide both you and your clients with cleaner air and a more pleasant atmosphere. What’s more, dust can be reduced up to 20% with correct plant placement.

Effective noise reduction with greenery

Not many people are aware of this particular plant benefit. Still, strategically placed plants can actually reduce ambient noise up to 5 decibels. Moreover, this is a great way to reduce background noise, which would allow for maximum concentration. This is essential for a complete peace of mind of your clients. We have already discussed the importance of office soundproofing. With these facts in mind, using greenery for psychotherapy office space will benefit you even more.

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